Tom Mortimer in World U20 Championships

Tom Mortimer's final of the 5000m will be run on Saturday the 14th July at local time 3.20pm, which is 1.20pm in the UK. Tom is ranked 4th in the World outside of Africa, behind a Serbian and 2 Americans but if we include the African’s Tom is ranked 37th! So this going to be an amazing experience and a stern test for Tom.

This will be the 18th version of this event which is held every 2 years, this years version is being held in the town Tampere in Finland, from the 10th to 15th July. There are athletic teams from 158 countries plus a refugee team and an authorised neutral athlete team (Russian athletes with a clear drug  record) so 160 team. GB has previously sent athletes in the 5000m to the first 4 events but only twice in the preceding 13 events due to the high standard. The best GB finish is 8th in 1988, Sir Mo Farah finished 10th in 2000, in a time which now would struggle to finish 20th in 2018. So this year is only the 7th time a GB runner has lined up in the 5000m at a U20 world championships. 

This event is being broadcast on Eurosport, and live streamed on both of the internet links below.