Runners against Rubbish - Saturday November 3rd

Pick the Path 2.0 - Cotswold Way Rubbish cleanup.

Cotswold Way

We have been contacted by Stuart from the "Runners Against Rubbish" charity.  He is looking for volunteers to help him on November 3rd with a "rubbish collection" on the Cotswold way. His email is below

"I'm Stuart and I run a charity called Runners against Rubbish. We try to help keep the beautiful places we run clean and beautiful. We try to make sure that runners don't drop rubbish, and encourage people to pick up rubbish they see whilst out running (we focus on runners but we try to stop all littering and encourage everyone to pick up what they see).

Last July we organised a big event to pick up rubbish along the entire length of the South West Coast Path over one weekend. We had about 50 volunteers who ran a section each. In November (Saturday 3rd) we're doing it again, this time on the Cotswold Way. I'm getting in touch with you as a local running club, to see if you would be interested in taking part?

We're after about 10 groups to each take on a 10-mile section of the path, with at least one runner doing the running and picking up rubbish as they go, and ideally a driver who will pick up the previous leg runners and take them to the finishline in Painswick. This format means that everyone runs their leg simultaneously, the whole path is cleared within a few hours, and everyone get to meet at the finish in Painswick. I've written lots of info on our website ( and there's a little video explanation of the driving/running idea (it's not as complicated as it sounds!).

The plan for the day would be for everyone to get their running done around mid-morning, in time to get to Painswick where we will have a little party (it's conveniently our second birthday around the same time) - we're currently looking into a location for this, it's likely to be a pub or village hall.

So, I've rambled on for ages... Are you interested in being involved? If you think some of your members would like to be involved we would be very grateful if you could pass the details or website link on to your members.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or get in touch with us on Twitter (@RunnersVRubbish) or Facebook.

Thank you!