Stroud Half Marathon training schedules

Here are a couple of suggested schedules for runners looking to run the half in 2:00 hours or 2:15. As ever, these schedules should not be treated as rigid plans but a structure to build your training around. They incorporate the essential long, slow distance run at weekends and a mixture of hills, speedwork, fartlek and tempo during the week for variety and interest. The fourth session is usually cross training (swimming, cycling, walking, gym or Parkrun) and the three rest days are very important for recovery - particularly as the mileage grows. Consistency of training is important and the best way to achieve that is by avoiding injury - warm up, stretch, cool down, build mileage gradually and run your long runs at conversational pace. Strength training, pilates and yoga and all excellent aids to help you. Any questions please ask me, your group leader or coach.!Ao_fKMgnq_CBiUGUY1VODjjoSgd_